Caregivers Vs Holiday : How to balance both satisfaction

Caregivers Vs Holiday : How to balance both satisfaction   Caregivers, nanny, helper, assistant, etc. No matter which type of caregiver you have chosen, you will need to plan for the holiday periods. Every kind of caregiver has a few days during … Continued

Family weekend activities To Do With Your Children

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  Family weekend activities to do which Kiidu suggests to spend quality time with your children. They will play and learn in real situation with fun! Family Cooking Kids love exploring things with their hands. Anything that they could touch, … Continued

Press Release: Kiidu and NannyTraining Partnership

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International Pair Brings Empowerment & Education to Women A Shared Mission and Vision Brought Alfiah, CEO of, a Thailand based startup created to help parents source qualified and trustworthy caregivers, and Michelle LaRowe, award-winning nanny, parenting author and creator … Continued

Kiidu Weekly Parenting Advice #4: Praise Your Child

Praise Your Child Praising your child for good behavior, good grades, good manners, etc. will help enforce these behaviors. Children also tend to repeat behaviors that get attention. They consider praises as attention, and will repeat those actions (good ones). Repetition of … Continued

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